Matched Pair

Aren't these just what you need?

Is That All?

Chincy is as chincy does

Says You

Call security!

Serve Em Up

Please sir, may I have some more?

Pretty Pair

This is so you!

Fish Committee Sale

A tradition begins

Checking In

Welcome to the Annual Meeting

Four generations of Morgans

Mike, Ed and Devon with the future in hand.

Bill and Danielle Pemberton

Welcome to the lake

Sarah, Derrek and Chase

Welcome to the lake

Jeremy, Babs and family

Jeremy, Babs (Bailey, soon to be Gunderson!), Christian, Cameron, and Hunter Gunderson

Ed and Judy Morgan

One of three families that created Negaunee Lake in the early 1960's.

Matched Pair Is That All? Says You Serve Em Up Pretty Pair Fish Committee Sale Checking In Four generations of Morgans Bill and Danielle Pemberton Sarah, Derrek and Chase Jeremy, Babs and family Ed and Judy Morgan

2016 Annual Meeting

Elected for 2016-2018
  • President - Mike Vogas
  • Treasurer - Linda Cochran
  • Representative at Large - Sherrill Houser
  • Area 2 Rep - Dave Anderson
  • Area 4 Rep - Sue Munger

A motion to create a new requirement for guests and their boats was defeated after significant discussion. All property owners are responsible for their guests. "Let common sense be a guide", per Ed Morgan, one of the founders of Negaunee Lake. Minutes of the meeting here

Photos of the annual meeting here. Photos by Logan Klein.

Fish Commtittee Fundraiser - a success

Thank you for your participation. Watch for a report here.

New Neighbors

616 McLachlan Point - Sarah, Derreck and Chase Dickerson

"We've been together twelve years and we always wanted to live on the water."






473 Negaunee Lake Road - Bill and Danielle Pemberton (Luke not pictuered)

"We're buying the cottage from grandma."

649 Negaunee Lake RoadRodney, Lisa, Jessica, Amanda, and Alexandra Thiss


901 Negaunee Lake Road - Jeremy, Babs (Bailey, soon to be Gunderson!), Christian, Cameron, and Hunter Gunderson