Real Gold

We understand the value of our lake. Photo by Mandy Emmert.

The Road Less Traveled

"and that has made all the difference" Photo by Mandy Emmert.

Volunteers All

Labor Day Fishing Contest benefits Fish Fund

Trophy Time

Labor Day Fishing Contest benefits the Fish Fund and promotes good sportsmanship.

Proud Trio

Results of the Labor Day Fishing Contest.

On Fire Fishing

Catch and release is what most anglers are about.

It's how long?

Labor Day Fishing Contest weigh in

Four generations of Morgans

Mike, Ed and Devon with the future in hand.

In Transition

Photo by Mandy Emmert

Negaunee Lake dam

Photo by Mandy Emmert

Ed and Judy Morgan

One of three families that created Negaunee Lake in the early 1960's.

Real Gold The Road Less Traveled Volunteers All Trophy Time Proud Trio On Fire Fishing It's how long? Four generations of Morgans In Transition Negaunee Lake dam Ed and Judy Morgan

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

On a beautiful Sunday morning, an army of 12 showed up to help Sid Bryant and Dorothy Nevin rake gravel and sod out of the yard and flower bed left behind from the winter.  Everyone has their own yard work to do this time of year.  An hour of your time made a world of difference.  "We were elated.  It is hard to ask for help when you are no longer able to do your own yard work.  We didn't know most of the people there.  We would like to thank each and everyone of you.  We will never be able to repay you for what you have done for us.  If you ever need a screw, bolt, or pipe fitting, don't go to the hardware store, stop here first.  It is free.  If you ever want a mixed drink, stop in and visit."

Committees and Reports

The NLA has several committees that assist in the management of our community.

The committee heads are listed here. Perhaps you have an interest in serving. Please let us know.

Email addresses are available for these committee heads or their spouse on the NLA Officers and Area pages.

Annual Meeting/Financial Report

The annual NLA meeting minutes and the year end financial report is located here.

Fish Committee Survey

The fish committee is ready to take action and make our fishing better. You can assist in the decisions made. Please take this brief survey, print it and bring it to the annual meeting or email a scanned copy to an NLA Board member. Survey is here.