Sarah, Derrek and Chase

Welcome to the lake

Jeremy, Babs and family

Jeremy, Babs (Bailey, soon to be Gunderson!), Christian, Cameron, and Hunter Gunderson

July 2 Fundraiser

benefit NLA for Fish Fund

Please bring a dish to pass

Electing: President, Area 2, Area 4, At Large

Four generations of Morgans

Mike, Ed and Devon with the future in hand.

Bill and Danielle Pemberton

Welcome to the lake

Ed and Judy Morgan

One of three families that created Negaunee Lake in the early 1960's.

Sarah, Derrek and Chase Jeremy, Babs and family July 2 Fundraiser Please bring a dish to pass Four generations of Morgans Bill and Danielle Pemberton Ed and Judy Morgan

2016 Annual Meeting and Picnic - July 2 at noon

Please join us in the park on Saturday, July 2 at noon for our picnic and NLA Annual Meeting to follow immediately. Please bring a dish to pass and $3.00 per person for brats and burgers (children under 12 are free), register as you arrive for the election of NLA officers. Rain date is July 3. The following officers will be elected. If you are interested in serving our community as an officer on the NLA Board, please offer some information on yourself so we can share it with the membership. Election will be by secret ballot, two ballots to an NLA member family. Each office is for a two year term.
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Representative at Large
  • Area 2 Rep
  • Area 4 Rep

People running for office have included their bios here.

Send an email including the office you would seek and some information you would like us to know about you to It will be shared here and on the printed ballot. Nominations will be open at the meeting as well. We are all volunteers working to make our community better. Please join us. You can help us set up picnic tables Sat. June 25 at noon please.

Fish Commtittee Fundraiser July 2 at 9:00am

See flyer here with details.

New Neighbors

616 McLachlan Point - Sarah, Derreck and Chase Dickerson

"We've been together twelve years and we always wanted to live on the water."






473 Negaunee Lake Road - Bill and Danielle Pemberton (Luke not pictuered)

"We're buying the cottage from grandma."

649 Negaunee Lake RoadRodney, Lisa, Jessica, Amanda, and Alexandra Thiss


901 Negaunee Lake Road - Jeremy, Babs (Bailey, soon to be Gunderson!), Christian, Cameron, and Hunter Gunderson