Sarah, Derrek and Chase

Welcome to the lake

Jeremy, Babs and family

Jeremy, Babs (Bailey, soon to be Gunderson!), Christian, Cameron, and Hunter Gunderson

Fish Committee Sale

A tradition begins

Bill and Danielle Pemberton

Welcome to the lake

Negaunee Lake

View from Google Earth

Four generations of Morgans

Mike, Ed and Devon with the future in hand.

Negaunee Lake dam

Photo by Mandy Emmert

Ed and Judy Morgan

One of three families that created Negaunee Lake in the early 1960's.

Sarah, Derrek and Chase Jeremy, Babs and family Fish Committee Sale Bill and Danielle Pemberton Negaunee Lake Four generations of Morgans Negaunee Lake dam Ed and Judy Morgan

 Camp Fire - You're Invited          

In an effort to provide additional opportunities to get to know other Association members, the Board has discussed having a monthly get together at either the Association park or a campfire at the Association beach.   

The first gathering will be held on:

Date:  Saturday, August 27, 2016

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Place:  Association Park (where annual meeting is held)

Hopefully, we will gather around a borrowed fire pit and share fishing, family, Negaunee Lake,

and Hometown stories.

Please bring:

                Lawn Chair (or plan to sit on a picnic table)

                Personal Beverage

                Personal Snack – or one to share

                Musical Instrument you might like to share with the group

If you have guests that weekend, feel free to invite them along.

If enough interest is generated, either by attendance or contact with a Board member, the Association will consider purchasing a fire ring for the beach or picnic area. Hope to see you on the 27th, and at future Association fireside chats and events.

Fish Committee Report

This May  400 4-6in bass and 25,000 fathead minnows were released into the lake as part of our re- stocking efforts to replenish and restore the fishing in our lake. 

After conferring with Dave LaBomascus, a fish biologist from Stoney Creek Fisheries, regarding our specific lake conditions, depth, size etc. and after a meeting of the fish committee members, we are going to purchase an additional  600 bass, 200 catfish and 300 crappie  for release this fall into the lake.

Complete report here

Annual Meeting Report

 Minutes of the meeting here, Photos of the annual meeting here  by Logan Klein