Future Perfect Tense

Given the chance...?

He was gone

and there was nothing I could do

For Strong Winds

Bob Lancaster, Chuck Pawloski, Miron Stolaruk, Mike Brighton

We'll be back

next year

Bigger Teeth

Will you let me go please?

Outta My Way

Did you see that bass jump?

Colors Change

The earth has music for those who listen

Law and Order

I don't need no stinkin life jacket!

Downtown Tour

Oh, is this your dog?

Is it winter yet?

Winter Approaches

Future Perfect Tense He was gone For Strong Winds We'll be back Bigger Teeth Outta My Way Colors Change Law and Order Downtown Tour Is it winter yet? Winter Approaches

Winter news

We have cleared the far side of the dam of brush and trees as indicated in our last state required dam inspection. We are working with the Spicer Group in cooperation with the landowner to formulate a plan that addresses the water backed up by the beaver dam downstream.

Opportunity To Be Involved

The NLA has several committees that assist in the management of our community.

The committee heads are listed here. Perhaps you have an interest in serving. Please let us know.

  • Welcome Committee - Terri Anderson
  • Fish Committee - Gordy Shroufe and Tim Workman
  • Lake Management - Ed Klein and Chuck Pawloski
  • Building and Restrictions - Mark Emmert
  • Road Maintenance - Greg LaFraugh

Email addresses are available for these committee heads or their spouse on the NLA Officers and Area pages.