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Evening In Paradise

photo by Linda Cochran


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Spring at Negaunee Lake

As the new season begins you may want to show off your grandchildren or other guests here on our website. Just follow the directions in the banner of photos at the top of this page. Please send photos taken in the landscape mode and your photo will not need to be cropped.

We have received a plan from the Spicer Group regarding what is to be done in the event the water level below our dam requires action. If the distance from the stream water to the bottom of the drain pipe is equal to or less than 18" we have the permission of the land owner to secure a permit and take out the beaver dam.


The NLA has several committees that assist in the management of our community.

The committee heads are listed here. Perhaps you have an interest in serving. Please let us know.

  • Welcome Committee - Terri Anderson
  • Fish Committee - Gordy Shroufe and Tim Workman
  • Lake Management - Ed Klein and Chuck Pawloski
  • Building and Restrictions - Mark Emmert
  • Road Maintenance - Greg LaFraugh

Email addresses are available for these committee heads or their spouse on the NLA Officers and Area pages.